No Butterfly Effect.


It can be pared down to something so incredibly simple.

It’s a series of movements. Nothing more.


That’s all it is.

Quarks and leptons and electrons and protons and neutrons and atoms and molecules and cells and particles are all moving.

Our organs are moving. Moving cells throughout our bodies.

Our muscles move. We move our lungs, bringing air in and out of them.

We move our eyes and decide where to move our bodies.

We move our feet and legs and move to the kitchen, where we move food into our mouths, water into our stomachs.

We move clothing from the closet to our bodies. Shoes are moved onto our feet.

We move a key into an ignition and move our feet on and off some pedals that moves a car to our workplace.

We move our fingers up and down on keys, and create something on a computer screen.

A printer moves ink onto a piece of paper, and moves it out where we can grasp it. We take our hands and move the paper into some higher-up’s hands, and she moves a pen with her hand and signs the paper. The paper is moved into the hands of another higher-up who also moves a pen and puts ink on the paper. Suddenly that means some intangible business deal has been made. And then more people move computer keys with their fingers, which creates more stuff on computers, and when other people all over the place learn the information, they pick up telephones and move their lips, or touch more computer keys, or move to the other side of the office, and a man with a shovel moves dirt from one place to another and moves wood from one place to another and nails from one place to another until a huge skyscraper is built. And people move in and out of it. And more printers move ink onto paper. More keys are moved to create letters on a screen. More fingers move the “enter” key and send an email. People move their mouses and move more keys and move more phones and more lips and more paper and more ink.

We move a card into a slot and move food out of a grocery store and move it into our car and move our car and our bodies home.

We move our bodies back into our shelters. We move food into a pot and move the pot over a flame. The flame moves the molecules in the food and it is cooked. We move the food to our mouths and it moves through our systems.

We move to our beds to rest. To stop some of the movement. But all night long, we are still moving. We move from one position to another, our lungs expand and deflate, moving in and out. Our blood moves along our veins. Chemicals move about our bodies, in and out of organs, moving things along.

It’s just movement. It’s nothing. It’s everything.

Our lives, our health, our leisure, our jobs, our relationships. They’re all just some form of physical movement.

The simplest movement we can truly be aware of is breathing.

We lay still. Our muscles relax and stop moving. We are not aware of the small movements still happening inside our bodies.

We move our eyelids down, and our eyes are closed. Unmoving.

And now, it’s just the movement of air.

In and out. In and out. In and out.



Our torsos are moving up and down.

But the movement is too slight to evoke much more movement. Perhaps the hairs in our noses move momentarily. Perhaps a few specks of dust are displaced.

But otherwise, we can finally find stillness.

In stillness, we can find the quiet.

It’s peace.

It’s divinity.

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